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We Use Following World Class Quality Skin Care Products:


A leading clinical skin care company in the development of professional chemical peels and advanced topicals for nearly 20 years, PCA SKIN was the first cosmeceutical company to provide scientifically researched daily care products and professional treatments to the medical and clinical aesthetics markets and is acknowledged in medical textbooks as the originator of advanced blended chemical peel formulations.


As technology and research is ever changing and evolving, Epicuren holds the same philosophy when it comes to their product. Based on their mission to provide customers with the most effective products, using the highest quality ingredients available, they are always searching the world for the highest quality, cutting edge raw materials from around the world to integrate into their state of the art formulas.


Dedicated to beautiful skin, Skin Script delivers the promise of healthy, vitalized, youthful looking skin. All products are paraben free, natural, and ideal for treating all skin types and ethnicities. Skin Script products are designed and developed under the direction of highly respected physicians and aestheticians. All products are “chirally correct”, meaning they are accepted by the skin without causing irritation, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and hydrated.


BIOELEMENTS are a complete system of skin care and makeup that can be freshly customized for your skin's needs. And BIOELEMENTS mean what they say. No gimmicks, no hype and no false promises. BIOELEMENTS are professional skin care experts dedicated to keeping your skin clean, clear, calm and young-looking. Just the way it should be.


The HydraFacial MD® Daily Essentials™ kits provide you with detoxification, rejuvenation, and protection while targeting your specific skin concerns. The HydraFacial MD® Daily Essentials™ are an extension of the treatment, maintaining and enhancing results between procedures. Each product is formulated with the same performing ingredients found in each in-office treatment. Together they are essential for achieving healthy skin.


The skin care and body care products of JANSSEN Cosmeceutical Treatments represent a new global approach in modern skin care technology. JANSSEN Cosmeceutical Treatments integrates a new generation of herbal and marine extracts along with bio-technological ingredients to provide innovative skin care products to a diverse community of estheticians and consumers.


Perse Professional Cosmetics is the gold standard in mineral makeup production, capturing European glamour and sophistication in a bottle. Used by Hollywood celebrities and make-up artists, Perse Professional Cosmetics is a trusted name in cosmetics brought to you by a family-owned business with 50 years of experience in the business of beauty.


Superb makeup must be both glamorous and beneficial to your skin- the living canvas for every color. For over 20 years, Sorme has teamed with professional makeup artists and the finest formulators around the world to bring you an exceptional blend of traditional beauty wisdom and advanced antiaging technology in every product.


With typical manual cleansing, dirt and oil are not as effectively removed and may become trapped in your pores and fine lines. Whether it is sun damage, drying detergents, harsh pollutants, or oil and bacteria, they are all doing their part to wreak havoc on your skin. Clarisonic is the sonic technology proven to gently yet effectively loosen dirt and oil to clear your pores.