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SKIN TECHNOLOGY is dedicated and committed to providing our customers with the highest integrity of service, professional products and continuing education in the field of skincare and esthetic procedures. Here are some of our customers' Testimonials....

Linh L. 
Yorba Linda, CA

I've been going to Melody for close to a year already and my family and friends have been saying my skin looks great. I've been having acne issues here and there and so I go to Melody to get microderm, peels, extraction, etc. and I've always been satisfied with results. I've gone to other places and have had one or two bad experience with either redness or bad breakout but not with Melody.

Cristina R. 
Tustin, CA 

I enjoyed my facial at Skin Technology. I
have a difficult skin condition and needed a lot of extractions. My esthetician did a great job. If you want to focus on your skin issues this is where you want to go! No products were pushed on me to buy. I was just told to keep my skin hydrated. This is not a spa. It's skin care to the point. 

Tiara C. 
Los Angeles, CA 

One of the best facials I've ever gotten. I came here a couple years ago when my skin was black headed ridden and Melody did an amazing job of clearing it up. Recently though my whole face was covered in acne. After twenty five years of acne free skin, one week my entire face exploded with pimples. I mean it was completely covered in pimples. I was horrified after trying everything from natural options like aloe vera to other places for facials the acne just wouldn't go away. So I booked an appointment with Natasha. She spent almost two hours on my skin using microdermabrasian, a chemical peel and probably the most painless extractions I've ever gotten. By the end of it my face was pretty red but already looked a lot better. A few months later the acne is almost all gone! Now I have some scars but Natasha is working with me on a new skin care regimen to get rid of them.

Lisa M. 
Irvine, CA 

Best facial in OC !!! My skin has never looked better...melody is very professional and works with your skin ! 
I am so happy with the results and new products I'm using !

Jazz N. 
Tustin, CA

I have been going to Melody for the past year for my facials and she's wonderful! I see her every month and the treatment varies depending on what my skin needs at that time. Melody is good about staying within my budget and she's very accommodating with her scheduling. She is knowledgable about skincare and is an experienced esthetician. Further, she uses high quality products on your face. I completely trust her with my skin! After every visit, my face feels renewed and is soft & glowing!

Silvia B. 
Santa Ana, CA 

I have gone to Skin Technology twice and have loved the results both times. I have received the microdermabrasion facial. The first one was with Natasha and the second one was with Melody. I enjoyed my facial from both! My skin always feels so smooth afterwards. I appreciate the time that is given towards each appointment. Thank you ladies for your professionalism! =)

Alison K. 
La Habra, CA

I started going to Melody back in March to help get my skin in tip-top shape for my September wedding. I am so glad I found her! She is a joy to see and always gives me the best treatments. She is honest, pays attention to my concerns and even takes notes on how my skin is progressing every visit! She never once tried to sell me on any unnecessary treatments and I've never felt pressure to buy any products. The prices are fair and I always leave feeling confident in how well my skin looks and feels. Needless to say, my skin looked amazing on my wedding day :)

Erika D. 
Los Angeles, CA 

Came in with severe acne and she cleared me up in less than 3 months. Scarring has significantly improved and is continuing to get better. I had been struggling to find a solution for 6 years. I've seen many aestheticians and tried many products that have not worked out in the long run probably because of my "challenging" skin needs. Melody had given me a solution that works. I am SO glad i found her.

Jennifer L. 
Newport Beach, CA

I have been going to Melody for a little over a year now and can't imagine finding a better facial. She takes the time to review my case, examine my skin and treats according to what I need. I always feel so comfortable and my skin looks/feels amazing when I leave. I urge everyone out there to give Melody and her staff a chance to do the same for them. You won't regret it !!

S R. 
Costa Mesa, CA 

I am proud to say that this is my very first review and it is only because Melody at Skin Technology is awesome!! I have been going here since at least 2008 ish and been regularly seeing her. yes granted I have missed few months here and there and like many sometimes $ can be a little tight. But I always do my best to get my facials and microderms and definitely keep up with my maintenance cleanses/exfoliatations/ purifying mask at home with her PCA products. She is an awesome esthetician and great listener. She examines your skin and makes recommendations but never up- sells. She even tries out different products that she learns about at workshops and peels if you feel like having one and if your skin needs it at that time. It's always a well deserved, pampered and relaxing experience...and not to mention baby smooth skin! Come to think of it, I need to call her now since I'm way over due! Thanks Melody!!


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